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Before the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences conference in The Netherlands, there were many requests to record the workshops.  Joanne Dahl, Jennifer Plumb, Ian Stewart, and Tobias Lundgren led a fantastic workshop entitled The Art & Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy.  They wrote a book with  the same title published by New Harbinger, and it is excellent. 

This is Part One of the workshop, and I’ll post Part Two fairly soon.  Just to clarify, all I did was record this workshop and asked for permission to post it here on the Functionally Speaking website.  Enjoy!

D.J. Moran

Functionally Speaking #6

You might need some references for this version of Functionally Speaking.  The intro alludes to a Washington Post article called Pearls Before Breakfast that I found particularly condescending and is related to a series of posts on the ACT Listserve called “A Violinist in the Metro” from March 2008.


During the discussion about mindfulness in the podcast, you might like to have the Inflexahex Case Conceptualization Worksheet available, and it is available at the ACT in Practice website.


Finally, back in the mid-1990's my metal band, SONIPATH, wrote a song called ACT. I discuss the song a bit at the end of the podcast.  If you are interested in the lyrics visit my blog on the ACBS website: http://www.contextualpsychology.org/blog/dj_moran.  If you can't find the lyrics on that page, it is because you aren't an ACBS member.  Please consider joining: http://www.contextualpsychology.org/join


In addition, there are a few ACT trainings coming up.  Please contact me for more information about these workshops:

  • Chicagoland - April 25, 2009
  • Baltimore - May 9, 2009
  • Phoenix - May 22-23, 2009
  • Molde, Norway - June 25-26, 2009
  • Enschede, The Netherlands - July 1-3, 2009

Enjoy the podcast!

Functionally Speaking #5

This edition of Functionally Speaking starts with a brief explanation of the term "truth" from a functional contextual perspective, and then is followed by an interview with Niklas Torneke about his new book ABC’s of Human Behavior: Behavior Principles for the Practicing Clinician.  (Please forgive me if I call the book ‘excellent’ too many times.  It might be distracting, but it is that good!) Finally, I’ll relay a story about a kid who learns a lot about life by playing baseball.


Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Case Conceptualization workshops with D.J. Moran are scheduled for:

  • Toronto – November 22, 2008
  • Pittsburgh – December 6, 2008
  • New York City – January 31, 2009

 Please email Daniel.Moran@comcast.net for more information.

Thanks for listening!

Functionally Speaking #4

Functionally Speaking #4 is here! In this episode, I interview Chad Drake about the IRAP, and Aki Masuda about ACT & Stigma and the challenges of making ACT work more internationally accepted.  Enjoy!

D.J. Moran

Functionally Speaking #3

Thanks for checking out the third edition of this 21st century behavior therapy podcast.  I'll present a brief sneak preview of the ACTSI4, and then talk at length with Hank Robb about Spiritual Reality.  After that I am joined by Rhonda Merwin who discusses an ACT approach to the treatment of Eating Disorders. 

Questions or concerns?  Email me: daniel.moran@comcast.net

Have fun!

D.J. Moran

Enjoy the second edition of Functionally Speaking.  This podcast includes part two of my interview with Steve Hayes plus an interview with Rob Zettle about his new book ACT for Depression.  In addition, Sonja Batten discusses committed action and the differences between ACT and CBT related to treatment goals.  The podcast ends with a song called Autopilot, written by David Gillanders.  David performed the song unplugged at the ACT Summer Institute in Houston to a riveted crowd. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me: Daniel.Moran@comcast.net

Functionally Speaking #1

Thanks for your interest in Functionally Speaking - A Third Wave Behavior Therapy Podcast. 

Simply 'double click' on the Play button underneath Listen Now.

 This episode's guests:

Kevin Polk 

Steve Hayes (Part 1 of 2)

Feel free to click the link to my ACBS blog.  It contains materials relevant to this podcast.  Please feel free to send me questions, comments, or show ideas.




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