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Before the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences conference in The Netherlands, there were many requests to record the workshops.  Joanne Dahl, Jennifer Plumb, Ian Stewart, and Tobias Lundgren led a fantastic workshop entitled The Art & Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy.  They wrote a book with  the same title published by New Harbinger, and it is excellent. 

This is Part One of the workshop, and I’ll post Part Two fairly soon.  Just to clarify, all I did was record this workshop and asked for permission to post it here on the Functionally Speaking website.  Enjoy!

D.J. Moran

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  • Joanne

    Thanks so much for providing this D.J.!

    The talk seemed too precious for the time allotted and I kept wanting the speakers to slow down a tad…

    I loved the experiential life/time-line, and that felt a bit rushed..

    My experience is also that talking that can be a huge avoidance.. (wow..didn’t know it’s the “number one” avoidance!)…

    And yet I’m reticent to make a rule out of that, since talking may be functional in the moment..

    And in that regard, loved what was added at the end about the importance of simply sitting with the client and allowing time for noticing and breathing into what is comes up for the client..including allowing time to verbalize the same…

    Thanks again..sounds like a great book..definitely on my list!


    Jan 4, 2010 at 5:08 pm